Property Presentation Tips

It is also often the case that the well presented properties attract the higher quality tenants. These quality tenants are unlikely to want to view a property where the garden is overgrown and the general appearance is messy.

How a property is presented is how a property is cared for!

First look at your property from the outside:

  • Make sure that lawns are mowed, shrubs and bushes are well pruned and garden beds and paths are free from weeds and are neat and tidy. Many tenants are not gardeners and look for low maintenance or easy care gardens.
  • Clean all gutters as grass sprouting out the top can be seen!
  • Ensure that all windows are clean as the sun will often reflect dirty windows.
  • Remove any pet ‘doʹs’ and damage

Then turn your attention inside:

  • Tenants will notice if there are sticking doors, stiff handles or blown globes. Everything that restricts an easy walk through will place doubt in their minds.
  • Fix any dripping taps including shower heads and laundry taps.
  • Fix any maintenance issues at the property that you have grown used to. This will save the tenants becoming frustrated and will save you the cost of a tradesman to fix them.
  • Remove any lingering odours, including smoke or pet smells. If these smells are present, tenants may think its okay to smoke or allow their pets inside. Cleaning the carpets often removes the majority of smells but it is often worth having the curtains professionally dry cleaned as well.


Other things to consider:

  • Consider taking out comprehensive insurance - which includes public liability - as this will cover you against any accidental injuries from people viewing the property.
  • Many landlords only take out building insurance forgetting about contents insurance. Contents insurance for investment properties covers loss against fittings such as carpets. It is also important to look into landlord insurance which protects against many things, including defaulting tenants.
  • Think about what you feel is special about your property and emphasize that point. Ensure that all electrical and plumbing system has been checked and are safe.